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Strategy Overview


Intra-day Ranges is a long/short trading system which trades shares of highly liquid, and volatile, stocks on 2x margin.
The system takes about 1-2 trades per day per ticker and is fit for account sizes above $10,000.

Systematic Risk (Low+)

There is very low systematic risk with this strategy. As it focuses on very short-term breakouts with a defined stop-loss; the long term trend does not affect the performance. In some cases, this strategy tends to perform better during periods of heightened market volatility.

Idiosyncratic risk (Mid)

The system does not come with an automated diversification system. Therefore, it is up to the user to deploy the system onto a basket of uncorrelated assets in order to reduce idiosyncratic risk. We do all the research for this and provide assistance in the premium trading room.

Overall Risk (Mid)

This strategy is considered average risk due to the fact that it involves a bit more management than other strategies. Given that it trades lower timeframes, alternative portfolio theory analysis must also be conducted on more frequent scales in order to avoid alpha decay. Our professional analysts are doing these calculations daily and informing all subscribers of the strategy when it is time to rotate between assets.